About Me

A little about me….

I am currently a Senior, studying Psychology then getting my Masters before becoming the next Spencer Reid! Hopefully….

I am also a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend and a survivor. I am passionate about volunteering, 4H, reading, writing, my nephews, and photography.

I’m passionate about helping children that are in adoption/foster care. I am fascinated with serial killers. Ever since I can remember, I have been soaking up any information I could about Ted Bundy, BTK, Marilyn Manson, and Jeffery Dahmer. The minds of these killers is something that even Psychologists with Ph.D.’s cannot decipher. Asking questions like, “What snapped?”. It is so fascinating to me. I also love a good Cold Case so I may squeeze one or two in my blogs on occasion.

As for my blogging, I will apologize ahead of time if there are any grammar mistakes, random topics, and anything can happen. I will try my best though. I hope you enjoy my blog. Otherwise, I think the world would be rather boring if everyone just kept their mouth shut, don’t you?

From the Ashes,

Magic of the Phoenix

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